1OAK Multi Asset Funds

Guided by Blackrock

GWMS have partnered with 1OAK Capital and Blackrock, to offer our intermediaries and their clients a superior investment offering, with better returns, at a lower price point.

Superior Investment Offering.  Better Returns.  Lower Price Point.

  • Asset allocation guided by Blackrock, the largest investment house in the world with over $8.7 trillion under management.
  • Better potential returns achieved by utilising the considerable intellectual property of the Blackrock Investment Institute.
  • Portfolio optimized for a global audience to ensure that each component offers the best risk adjusted return at the most competitive price point.

The Strategies have been developed for clients with a range of risk attitudes; from those who are more cautious, to those who are prepared to accept higher risk in exchange for higher returns.

Key Features

  • Available in 3 levels of risk: MA40 (Cautious), MA60 (Moderate) and MA80 (Adventurous).
  • UCITS V daily traded funds.
  • Market leading TER/OCF.
  • Asset allocation based on guidance from Blackrock.
  • Efficient, low-cost market exposure utilising ETFs and direct market access.
  • Clean and trail fee paying share classes.
  • Initial commission up to 4%.
  • Accumulation share classes available in GBP, EUR, USD & SGD.
  • Income share classes available in all currencies paying 4% per annum.
  • Available on all platforms and bonds.
  • Suitable for single and regular investment.
For more information on the 1OAK Multi Asset Fund strategies link to the website HERE.
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