City Financial Adventurous Fund

About the investment team

The City Financial Adventurous Portfolio seeks to achieve capital growth by investing in a diversified range of asset classes. A fixed strategic asset allocation is augmented by the team's established macroeconomic and fund analysis expertise.

Investment team

City Financials Multi Asset Team brings together experts at macroeconomic research, fund management and fund analysis. Their range of experience and expertise, we believe, set the team apart from their peers. Mark Harris, Head of the Multi Asset team, has managed the Fund since 31 May 2014. He previously managed over £1 billion in assets at New Star Asset Management (subsequently Henderson), gaining recognition through a range of industry awards and ratings.

Investment philosophy

The manager aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long term while delivering a risk profile that is appropriate for adventurous investors. He has developed an approach that combines the development of top-down asset preferences with a rigorous fund selection process. The Fund is managed with reference to a long-term strategic asset allocation, which is designed to meet the risk requirements of adventurous investors and is categorised by Distribution Technology, a third-party risk profiling consultancy, accordingly.

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