Pecora Capital

Pecora Capital is a global investment management firm that aims to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by investing across a broad and expanding range of asset classes.  An owner-run company, Pecora is independent and not subject to the constraints of a large corporation or bank.

Pecora Capital manages several boutique investment funds and managed account programs.  These include:

Equity Strategy

Pecora Capital's long-only Equity fund invests primarily in family-owned world market leaders and companies that trade for a discount to their net current asset value.  With patience and a long-term value investment strategy, the fund aims to identify the few hidden gems that are likely to outperform a highly diversified portfolio.

Key Features:

  • Diversified into 15-30 positions with several, carefully chosen concentrated allocations.
  • Investing in predictable, high-quality cash-flows and companies with dominant market positions at the right price.

Alternative/Hedge Strategy

Pecora Capital's alternative/hedge strategy seeks to add alpha, reduce correlation to the market and reduce downside risk.  The investment objective is aggressive growth of capital through systematic momentum and macro trading.  Designed to provide absolute return and "crisis alpha," the strategy aims to exploit large tail events in global equity markets using directionally dynamic long, short or flat trading programs.

Key Features:

  • Seeks alpha through market momentum and exploiting idiosyncratic trading opportunities in global markets.
  • Highly diversified, providing long/short exposure to equity indices, interest rates, foreign currencies, energies, metals and soft commodities.
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