Garraway Adventurous Fund

About the investment team

Mark Harris is the lead Fund Manager of Garraway's range of multi-asset funds. Mark joined Garraway in 2019 from City Financial where he headed the multi-asset team, joining in October 2012 as part of its acquisition of Eden Asset Management. He joined Eden in 2011 to head its multi-asset business. In 2009, he joined Henderson following its acquisition of New Star Asset Management, leading a team of six managing over £2 billion in assets across a range of low to high-risk mandates. He had previously spent six years at New Star Asset Management managing a range of award-winning funds. Mark has a degree in Law and Economics from Newcastle University.

Investment philosophy

The manager aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long term while delivering a risk profile that is appropriate for adventurous investors. He has developed an approach that combines the development of top-down asset preferences with a rigorous fund selection process. The Fund is managed with reference to a long-term strategic asset allocation, which is designed to meet the risk requirements of adventurous investors and is categorised by Distribution Technology, a third-party risk profiling consultancy, accordingly.

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