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Structured Products

GWMS have partnered with Lamassu Capital to launch a new structured product business that is focused on providing the very best possible outcome for investors and their intermediaries globally.

The team at Lamassu Capital have nearly 100 years of investment banking experience and as poachers turned gamekeepers, now firmly sit on the same side of the fence as investors. To date, they have provided institutional quality solutions to family offices, professional investors, discretionary fund managers and intermediaries in the UK.

They offer an innovative new approach to product design and development, based on institutional research and analysis, with a class leading proprietary system – ‘Reality Checker’ – offering in depth analysis of the true risk and reward profile of structured products.

Their products, as you would expect, are supported by high quality marketing collateral, a program of education and information.

Why Lamassu Capital?

The team at Lamassu focus on addressing the requirements of investors and giving advisers the information and tools they need to identify the best possible products for their clients.

They offer:

  • Market leading products from the strongest issuers ,with highest levels of security.
  • Product design and development based on quantitative analysis.
  • Clear, simple documents that give advisers the information they need to identify the best products for their clients.
  • Education, information and support to help advisers understand more about structured products, descriptions of different types of product, what to look at to pick the best products and rules of thumb that make it easier to understand the trade-offs in product design.

Golden Rules of Product Design

The team’s considerable experience in the structured product market have seen boom and bust, fads and fashions, genuine innovation and false dawns. They lean on this experience to bring you products that will last the test of time. Here are some of their golden rules:

  • Slow and steady wins the race — their analysis shows the benefit of more conservative and cautious products. A high chance of a good return and low chance of loss tends to offer the best returns over time.
  • Keep it simple — avoid complexity and keep product design simple.
  • Information is power — make sure advisers have a good understanding of the chance and scale of gains and losses. That is the only basis on which to identify the best products.
  • Repeat business is good business — keenly priced products with sensible levels of commission that can mature early, have a higher chance of doing just that. Investors are always happy to realise a profit and so reinvest. We believe that this virtuous cycle is better for investors and advisers.
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